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Refreshes the colour of dark garments

Gently removes a fine layer of dead fabric

Never-before-seen pioneering enzyme technology

Pictured: 1 Re_Fresh Capsule

How it works


Over time as clothes are worn, the top level of fibres starts to wear and lose colour from washing and general wear and tear. These worn fibres lead to a ‘fuzzy’ texture that many associate with clothing past its prime. Re_Fresh was designed to remove a fine layer of these tired fibres, revealing the vibrant ones lying underneath and extend the life of much-loved garments.

Pictured: L’Estrange co-Founder Tom Horne and textile scientist Harm Kuilderd

Backed by science


The average lifespan of a piece of clothing is only around 2 years, and a huge part of that is because of how “worn” garments look. Central to our ethos is owning less, and making what we do own last longer. So we went on the hunt to find a solution.

Biodegradable, natural enzymes made from fungi and bacteria

Works on cellulosic fibres like cotton and linen

Available in a 3 or 9 garment refresh pack

Pictured: Before & After of The L’Estrange 24s

Why Re_Fresh?


Clothes are more than just items we wear - we create memories, stories and emotions in them. Harnessing the power of natural enzymes, the Re_Fresh laundry tablet helps bring life back to old pieces you love - making them, along with the memories you’ve had in them, last longer. So that you can keep wearing them over and over again.

L’Estrange community on clothing that means more to them.

L'Estrange customers explain how Re_Fresh brings the clothes they love back to life

Charlie Green

Co-Founder of The Office group

"My 24s have been there with me through it all, I wear them pretty much every day. At this point they’ve definitely become more than just a pair of trousers."

Andrew Wong

Two Starred Michelin Chef

"We’ve had so many experiences & memories building our restaurant. Naturally, the clothes you wear during those times become a part of that journey. ”

Nick Ayoub

Founder & CEO of Wordseed

“There are so many ups and downs when you’re a founder. Naturally, you build bonds with the things you go through those experiences with. ”

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The unique, enzyme-driven

laundry tablet that makes your old clothing feel like new again.

On that journey (which included everything from re-dying to fabric treatments) we met a Dutch biotech scientist named Harm who had been working with enzyme technology for decades. These magical, naturally-derived proteins have the power to rejuvenate the appearance and colour of our clothes. When we tested them, we were blown away.

Pictured: L’Estrange's Re_Fresh capsule

It’s two fold.


A huge focus in the industry has been placed on what clothes are made of, but we really need to think about how we keep clothing being worn longer, not just about what we buy. We love products that offer a zero-compromise approach to sustainability - products that not only help the planet but also provide a benefit to those using them. Re-Fresh does just that.

Bring back new life to the clothes that mean more.

The unique, enzyme-driven laundry tablet that makes your old clothing feel like new again.

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Available in packs of 1 or 3

The unique, enzyme-driven laundry tablet that makes your old clothing feel like new again.